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STABL Energy Team

Our Mission

STABL works to set a new standard for large battery storage systems with its cutting-edge inverter technology.

Our Values

STABL Energy company values
Reliable Team and Technology

At the centre of our work is our STABL technology. We develop power electronics for fail-operational battery storage systems. Our products enable the stabilization of power grids and industrial applications.

A reliable team forms the basis for our reliable products.
We are convinced that our mutual trust, cooperation and enrichment will enable us to set new standards for a new era of battery storage.

Mindful of Responsibility and Nature

We know the responsibility that comes with the challenging development of power electronics. For the quality of our products and the safety of all those who install and use them, we are mindful in every piece of our work.

Moreover, we are aware of the benefits that our technology represents for the future of the energy, electric mobility. Working for STABL, we are mindful in preserving the environment for us and our children.

Groundbreaking Mindset and Products

At STABL we develop groundbreaking products for a transition renewable energy and e-mobility. For us, this goes hand in hand with developing a team of outstanding personalities and visionary engineers.

Our vision is to set new standards for battery storage systems. This goal also applies to the cooperation with our customers, the experience of our employees and our relationships to the entire energy industry.


Profile Nam Truong

Dr.-Ing. Nam Truong, CSO

Profile Christoph Dietrich

Christoph Dietrich, CFO

Profile Arthur Singer

Dr.-Ing. Arthur Singer, CEO

Profile Martin Sprehe

Martin Sprehe, CTO


Profile Julian Schneider

Julian Schneider,
Power Electronics Engineer

Profile Arun Jeyaprakash

Arun Jeyaprakash,
Electrical Engineer

Profile Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog,
Embedded Developer