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What makes a STABL Team? – Our Corporate Values

STABL Energy company values
Reliable Team and Technology

At the centre of our work is our STABL® Technology. We develop power electronics for fail-operational battery storage systems. Our products enable the stabilization of power grids and industrial applications.

A reliable team forms the basis for our reliable products.
We are convinced that our mutual trust, cooperation and enrichment will enable us to set new standards for a new era of battery storage.

Mindful of Responsibility and Nature

We know the responsibility that comes with the challenging development of power electronics. For the quality of our products and the safety of all those who install and use them, we are mindful in every piece of our work.

Moreover, we are aware of the benefits that our technology represents for the future of the energy, electric mobility. Working for STABL Energy, we are mindful in preserving the environment for us and our children.

Groundbreaking Mindset and Products

At STABL we develop groundbreaking products for a transition renewable energy and e-mobility. For us, this goes hand in hand with developing a team of outstanding personalities and visionary engineers.

Our vision is to set new standards for battery storage systems. This goal also applies to the cooperation with our customers, the experience of our employees and our relationships to the entire energy industry.

Current Job Openings


Open Jobs

Below we list specific open positions for tenured techies and business heros that you may apply for. We are looking for fulltime and permanent employees. If none of the positions fit to your skillset, but you still believe that you are a valuable addition to the team and want to be part of STABL Energy, we encourage you to send us an initiative application.

Embedded C Software Developer (m/w/d)

(full time)


Open Internship / Working Student Jobs

Below we list specific open positions that you may apply for as currently enrolled student. Most of these jobs can be organized as mandatory internships or working student relationship. If none of the positions fit to your skillset, but you still believe that you are a valuable addition to the team and want to be part of STABL, we encourage you to send us an initiative application.

Marktstrategie für Elektromobilität

(TUM Projektstudium, 3-6 months)

Be part of STABL Energy and significantly contribute to improving battery storage with our inverters.

Working on Battery Storage

We are always looking for driven, open-minded people that are looking to make an impact and exhibit self-initiative. Specialists are welcome, as well as quick learners that are getting things done.

What we offer is a driven and exciting working environment with early responsibilities and opportunities.

  • Help to reduce the environmental footprint of energy usage worldwide.
  • Enjoy an agile and open-minded working atmosphere within a highly innovative industry.
  • Work with an outstanding team that embraces high performance and speed, direct and respectful communication and that celebrates big achievements.

We believe in trust, reliability, and transparency.
There will be challenges all the time that allow for vast learnings and personal growth.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Your application should include

  • A cover letter
  • Your resume
  • Relevant grades and/or references

The recruiting process includes following steps.

  1. We will carefully review your application and contact you.
  2. If we have the impression that you would be a great addition to our team, we will first conduct a telephone/skype interview on general topics.
  3. The next stage is an interview with a team leader of the respective team, where your specific skills will be topic of the interview.
  4. For the last step we invite you to an experience day at our site, where you can get a better impression of the daily work and we can get to know you better.


We look forward to meeting you!

If you are passionate about what we do and enjoy being challenged and inspired every day, then get in touch. Join us in setting a cutting-edge standard for energy storage solutions.