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Our STABL® Inverter enables next-generation battery storage systems. With STABL® you can benefit from unrivaled efficiency and best performance, personal safety, failure proof design, and you can easily upgrade your storage for your future needs and technological improvements.

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Benefits for End Customer

Dangerous Battery Voltage

Lethally high battery voltage cannot simply be switched off at systems today. The threat is always present.

Benefits for End Customer

Large Waste of Energy

Conventional inverters cause significant energy losses, leading to low system efficiencies.

Benefits for End Customer

Single Point of Failure

A single battery malfunction stops the operation of the entire system.

Benefits for End Customer

Unchangeable System

The battery system cannot be upgraded and needs to be replaced, if the requirements change in the future.

Battery Systems with STABL® Inverter

Benefits for End Customer

100% Personal Safe Voltage

Safe battery voltage by simply switching the system off ensures personal safety.

Benefits for End Customer

Fail-Operational System

The battery system stays operational. Our design limits the failure to battery module level.

Benefits for End Customer

Up to 70% Less Energy Waste

Lowest operational costs due to unrivaled efficiency of the STABL® Inverter.

Benefits for End Customer

Future-Proof Technology

Our Software-defined inverters can be updated over the air. Modular concept allows scalable upgrade of the battery system

How to get STABL® inside your battery storage?

We are currently working with local battery system manufacturers to produce an outstanding and future proof product for you. Stay tuned for the future of battery storage systems!

Benefits for End Customer