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Paving the way for a net-zero energy system with safe, reliable, and sustainable battery storage.

STABL Energy strives for sustainable energy use with its power conversion technology. Our goal is to increase the deployment of energy storage for renewable energy by setting a new standard for battery storage. With our easy-to-integrate technology, we improve battery storage systems in terms of design, safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and handling.

Our power conversion system also allows seamless and easy integration of used car batteries, which extends the lifetime of batteries and reduces their resource consumption. Thus, STABL Energy enables the most profitable and sustainable battery systems.

Our approach of building strong partnerships inside and outside the company, combined with our next-generation technology, enables us to pursue our mission: to preserve our planet for the future by providing clean and stable energy access for all.

Our values



At the centre of our work is our STABL Technology. We develop power electronics for fail-operational battery storage systems. Our products enable the stabilization of power grids and industrial applications.

A reliable team forms the basis for our reliable products. We are convinced that our mutual trust, cooperation and enrichment will enable us to set new standards for a new era of battery storage.


We know the responsibility that comes with the challenging development of power electronics. For the quality of our products and the safety of all those who install and use them, we are mindful in every piece of our work.

Moreover, we are aware of the benefits that our technology represents for the future of the energy, electric mobility. Working for STABL Energy, we are mindful in preserving the environment for us and our children.


At STABL Energy we develop groundbreaking products for a transition renewable energy and e-mobility. For us, this goes hand in hand with developing a team of outstanding personalities and visionary experts.

Our vision is to set new standards for battery storage systems. This goal also applies to the cooperation with our customers, the experience of our employees and our relationships to the entire energy industry.


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This is STABL Energy

Benno Rodehack - System Administrator at STABL Energy


System Administrator

Verena Steindl - Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Larissa Urban - Head of Sales at STABL Energy

Head of Sales

Muna Schubert - Administrative Assistant at STABL Energy

Administrative Assistant


Cloud Architect


Software Development

Nino Ponchev

Battery System Engineer



Embedded System Developer

Brandon Proctor – Lab Electrician at STABL Energy

Lab Electrician

Fabio – Industrial Product Designer at STABL Energy

Industrial Product Designer

Maximilian Welsch –Development and Engineering

Hardware and Software Developer

Ao Yang – Customer Project Manager at STABL Energy


Customer Project Engineer


Supply Chain Manager

Martin Weiß

Head of People & Culture

Akshai Murukakumar Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer

Julian Kullick

Senior Modelling Engineer

Gudrun Schlehhuber-Sasse

Senior Operations Manager

Gabriel Henschen

Project Lead Certification

Thomas Förster

Electrical Engineer

Markus Förstl, Head of Business Development

Head of Business Development

Julian Schneider

Head of Engineering

Arun Jeyaprakash

Senior Electrical Engineer

Martin Sprehe

Founder & Lead Software Engineer

Christoph Dietrich

Founder & CFO

Arthur Singer

Founder & CEO

Nam Truong


Founder & CEO

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