Charging stations and power supply

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Fast charging stations thanks to battery storage buffers despite low grid connection power

Charging stations and power supply

Electromobility is gaining momentum and thus the demand for flexible and inexpensive charging options is also increasing. In order to provide the users with the greatest possible convenience, fast charging stations are the best option. These require high performance, which often goes beyond the power connected to the grid. However, increasing the grid connection capacity costs a lot of money. A battery storage system can act as a buffer here: It can be continuously charged using the low power of the network and, as required, delivers the high power required to the electric car.

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We lower operating costs

The high efficiency of up to 99.4 % of the STABL technology reduces the losses during every storage and loading process and is easy on your wallet.

Patented charging concept

The patented STABL charging matrix enables the flexible allocation of charging power according to customer requirements.

Your advantages

Flexible to use

You don't need to worry about permits or construction work. A commercial storage facility can be set up at any location and is immediately ready for use.

CO2-neutral mobility is rewarded

Be a pioneer of the energy and mobility transition and benefit from federal and state funding programs.

Less costs

With power storage for charging stations, you save both investment and running costs, on the one hand by eliminating the grid connection and by absorbing expensive peak loads.

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