Emergency power supply

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Power supply - even if the power grid temporarily fails

In 2017, each consumer in Germany had to endure an average power supply interruption of 15.14 minutes. While this is a very short supply gap - it must be remembered that this is an average value and can be made up of supply breaks of various structures. Some consumers may not have a power cut at all, but others may have no power for longer periods due to extreme weather events, for example, or the power grid may repeatedly break down for a few seconds or minutes. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

These failures can be devastating for manufacturing industries, leading to defects or long production downtimes.

Large plants have to be started up again, which can sometimes take a long time. Unfinished products may remain in plants and damage or block them. Highly sensitive high-tech components can be damaged by supply gaps. All this can lead to considerable financial damage, and all because the power goes out for a few seconds.

STABL Energy Notstromversorgung bei Stromausfall Emergency power supply

With an electricity storage system, you make yourself independent of power outages and can maintain the supply when the grid operator cannot. Supply gaps are bridged, your production can continue, and even in the case of longer-term outages, you have the option of shutting down operations in a controlled manner without causing any damage.

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In addition to the emergency power supply function, you can also use your storage unit for other purposes and save money. Self-consumption increase, peak shaving or an e-vehicle charging infrastructure are possible without affecting the functionality of your emergency power storage.


STABL technology not only makes a battery storage system enormously safe in handling, maintenance and installation, but also creates unique fail-safety.

Intelligent storage of energy

Together with our partners, we develop intelligent energy management systems that ensure that your storage facility always has enough energy to meet your needs.

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Peace of mind

With an emergency power storage unit and STABL technology, you no longer have to worry about the supply to your business. No longer be afraid of supply gaps that can have serious consequences for the functionality and availability of your equipment.


An emergency storage system can do even more for you than protect you from outage and repair costs. Due to the multifunctionality of a battery storage with STABL technology, you have a multitude of possibilities to save money.


Once the emergency power storage unit has been installed, you can still decide afterwards whether and if so, which additional functions you would like to use. The storage unit can be flexibly expanded at any time and is equipped for any situation thanks to quick updates.

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