Peak-Shaving is often the most profitable application for commercial storage. Find out how it works here. Contact us and find out more about how electricity storage systems with STABL inverters can reduce your electricity costs.

Avoid peak loads and save money

From an electricity purchase of more than 100,000 kWh, your electricity price is based on the highest drawn power within a year. The higher the (one-time) drawn power, the higher the energy costs. It is therefore essential for every large company to continuously monitor and optimize power demand.


When starting up production machines or charging multiple electric vehicles at the same time, high power peaks occur, which drive up the network usage fee. A battery storage system can be switched on from previously defined reference power in order to reduce the power drawn from the grid, to substitute it with stored energy and thereby to cut power peaks.

Well thought-out peak-shaving is a practicable way of effectively reducing energy costs. Coupled with the advantages that a STABL system offers you, you manage to reliably reduce the operating costs of your company.

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The highest savings

Thanks to the high efficiency of STABL Energy's multilevel technology, energy losses are reduced by up to 70 % with each storage process. In this way, the available energy is used better and you safe money in the process.

Equipped for the future

Battery storage systems with STABL inverters can be easily and granularly expanded even years after installation. If your load profile changes, you can easily adapt your storage system to meet your needs. For this we are available as consultants with our partners.

Intelligent storage of energy

Together with our partners, we develop intelligent energy management systems that ensure that your storage system always has enough energy to cut every peak load.

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