Increase in self-consumption

Feeding solar power into the grid is becoming increasingly unprofitable. It often makes more sense to use the electricity yourself with a battery storage system. On this page you can find out more about electricity storage systems to increase self-consumption.

More benefit from self-generated electricity

Solar systems and wind turbines often generate so much electricity that there is a surplus that has to be fed into the grid. What used to be made profitable through feed-in tariffs is often no longer worthwhile today.

Self-consumption without self-consumption increase

By installing an electricity storage system, you can intercept this electricity and use it later when solar or wind energy is no longer available. This saves you the expensive electricityyou have to purchase from the grid and you become less dependent on rising electricity prices.

Increase in self-consumption

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The biggest saving on the market

Conventional inverters generate a large part of the energy losses in today's storage systems. The frequently stated degrees of efficiency are often only achieved at the optimal operating point, whereas high energy losses can occur in everyday operation. This has a direct effect on profitability. Every kilowatt hour of electricity lost must be compensated for by drawing electricity from the grid. The STABL inverter exceeds the efficiency of conventional inverters. Scientific work confirms a reduction in energy losses of up to 70 %. A STABL inverter reduces the operating costs of a battery storage system by up to 40 %.

The highest efficiency achieves the smalles possible CO2 footprint

The same goes for CO2 emissions. The less energy losses have to be compensated for through increased electricity consumption, the less CO2 is emitted. By choosing STABL technology, you can avoid up to 65 tons of CO2 emissions.

No compromise on security

Comparable battery storage systems on the market work with life-threatening battery voltage (so-called high-voltage packs). This is necessary so that conventional inverters convert the direct current from the batteries into the necessary alternating current from the grid. STABL inverters use battery modules with safe voltage, which only build up the necessary voltage for the power grid during operation. If the system is shut down, for example during installation, there are no life-threatening voltages.

Reliable and fail-safe

Traditional high-voltage packs consist of several hundred batteries. If one of them fails, the entire pack must be shut down in order not to burden the defective battery any further and to ensure safety. The modular structure of the STABL inverters allows batteries to be bridged in the event of a fault and thus the remaining batteries continue to be operated safely. Don't compromise on reliability.

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Use self-produced electricity yourself

The self-consumption of solar power is easy on the wallet because the generation costs are lower than the procurement costs of the electricity supplier. Instead of feeding cheap electricity into the grid at lunchtime for a low feed-in tariff and buying it at night, it makes sense to store the surplus during the day and use it yourself at night. This is where battery storage comes into play.

Independence from electricity suppliers & rising prices

Make yourself independent of rising electricity prices and create planning security by taking your electricity purchase into your own hands.

Improving the ecological footprint

Electricity comes from the socket, but fossil fuels are still used to generate it today. If one avoids the use of this "gray electricity", one reduces the generation of CO2 emissions. In Germany, this corresponds to an average of 401 g of CO2 for every kilowatt hour of electricity (as of 2019).

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