Battery storage in the industrial sector: Myth vs Reality 

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Between myth and reality

In today’s energy landscape, battery storage systems play a crucial role as an integral element of the energy supply. They enable the efficient use of electricity generated from renewable energy sources and help to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. However, there are myths about battery storage that often cause confusion. Let’s clear up these myths and look at the facts: 

Myth 1: Battery storage systems are expensive and not worth it.

Fact: Modern battery storage systems are a slightly larger investment, but they pay off in the long term. They enable your company to store the electricity generated by renewable energy sources and use it in times of higher energy costs.

Myth 2: Battery storage systems are harmful to the environment.

Fact: This is a widespread misconception. Modern battery storage systems are environmentally friendly, especially if they are made from recycled electric car batteries. They help reduce CO2 emissions and support your company’s environmental and ESG goals.

Myth 3: Battery storage systems are inefficient and lose capacity quickly.

Fact: Modern battery storage systems are more efficient and longer-lasting than ever before. Technology has improved significantly and most systems have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years.

Myth 4: Battery storage systems are unsafe and prone to fires.

Fact: Safety is a key concern in the development of battery storage systems. Our battery storage systems are equipped with safety features to prevent fires and overheating.

Myth 5: Battery storage systems are not economical.

Fact: The economic viability of storage for industry and commerce depends on various factors, including energy consumption and local conditions. Nevertheless, numerous case studies and experiences show that battery storage systems reduce energy costs and offer long-term financial benefits to businesses.

Sustainable commercial warehouses: reduce costs, protect the environment, shape the future

Overall, commercial storage systems are a smart investment for you if your company already has a PV system or is planning to install a solar system. They not only contribute to climate protection, but also support the conversion of electricity generation to renewable energies. Sustainable storage systems also help to reduce energy costs, increase your self-consumption rate and make the future of your own business more sustainable. At a time when sustainability, climate protection and circularity are becoming increasingly important, industrial storage systems are key to shaping a greener energy world. And sustainable solutions in particular, such as the use of recycled electric car batteries, are a big step in the right direction.

Find out more here: Patented commercial storage technology from STABL.

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