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Christoph in einem digitalen Interview

At STABL Energy, we've received a lot of positive feedback about the hiring process from our recent employees and applicants. At first glance, it may seem like there are too many stages, but fear not: each stage has its place, and in this blog post, we'll explain them one by one. Here's how you can land a job at STABL Energy.

It starts with you

The hiring process at STABL Energy starts with you. As a young, innovative and fast-growing startup company, we constantly have open positions, each of which requires different skills and characteristics.

We value our team and the people who make it up. To get a sense of how we work and who we are, check out our website, especially the Blog, and visit our LinkedIn page.

We're looking for applicants who have the right skills but also the right attitude. Before you start looking for a job, you should think about yourself a little and ask yourself: What is important to me? What do I value in my work environment? What was the best job I ever had? By answering these questions you get to know yourself and you'll know better what you want and what your perfect job should look like.

These questions will also help you to find out if STABL Energy and our team can fit your idea of the ideal job. We're convinced that this self-reflection is an important first step, because we don't just want people with skills, but also people who are passionate about what they do.

Your application documents


Once you've found a suitable position at STABL Energy, or you'd like to submit an unsolicited application, it's time to prepare your documents. Of course, you can send in your old resume, but we always recommend creating a resume that is specific to the job you want – not just at STABL, but in general. Here are five tips that we think are most useful when making your application:

  • Match your skills and experience with the job description and explain how your past work will help you fulfill the new role and support us.

  • Don't be afraid to be specific about projects you've worked on or led. A good formula for this is: "By doing [X], we achieved [Y] as measured by [Z]."

  • If you're a recent graduate or have limited work experience, refer to coursework or university projects that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge. Also, don't forget work in associations, side jobs or other involvements.

  • Always remember: keep it short and simple.

  • Your cover letter, certificates and other documents such as reference letters complete your application.

All documents collected and ready? Then simply send your application documents in PDF format to jobs@stabl.com and you're ready to go!

The questionnaire – getting to know you

Bevor wir dich zu einem Interview einladen, schicken wir dir einige Fragen, um dich als Person besser kennenzulernen und ein Gefühl dafür zu bekommen, wie gut du zu unserem Team passen könntest. Sie reichen von allgemeinen Fragen wie „Was ist dir wichtig?“ bis zu konkreten Fragen wie „Wann könntest du bei uns anfangen?“. Don’t overthink it, sei lieber authentisch und zeig uns wer du wirklich bist. 😊


If we think you're a good fit for the position you've applied for, you'll move on to the next stage and we'll invite you to a short virtual chat. The conversation usually lasts about 30 minutes and will most often take place via Microsoft Teams or another video conferencing tool.

Christoph in einem digitalen Interview

This is the perfect platform to get to know each other. We make sure you have the key skills you need for the job and, in turn, you have the opportunity to ask questions about STABL Energy and the job in question. But first and foremost, it's about getting to know you as a person.

A few days after this first interview, we move on to the next phase, where we take a closer look at you and the position. This second interview is conducted in person or via Microsoft Teams. You'll meet at least one of your future colleagues and we'll try to find out whether you, your skills, your interests and the tasks at our company are a good match. For this interview, it is certainly helpful if you know a little about STABL Energy – both about the company and the technology. Otherwise, we want to get to know you as an expert in your field and how you work. Don't put yourself under pressure and trust your expertise and experience.

Tip: think of the interview as more of an eye-to-eye conversation or discussion, rather than an interview. We know that interviews can be intimidating from an applicant's perspective, but overall we try to make the entire process friendly and welcoming. It's as important that we fit you as you fit us.

Our Experience Day

A special event that has brought us a lot of positive feedback from applicants and new employees is our Experience Day. We invite you to spend a day with our team. You get to know all potential team members and can get an idea of your (hopefully) future workplace during a tour of the lab and the office.

During this day you'll have the opportunity to get to know all the employees and find out if you like the people and the atmosphere. To get a better idea of how you work, we'll give you a small project or a set of tasks. Don't panic – it's not about delivering a complete and perfect solution. We just want to understand how you think and how you approach problems.

Ask yourself whether you feel comfortable in our working environment – whether you get along well with potential colleagues and whether the described field of activity fits your skillset. As already mentioned: You have to fit in with us, but we also have to fit in with you.

Decision and offer

Nach den Interviews und dem Experience Day werten wir die Erfahrungen aus und treffen unsere Entscheidung. Wenn du zugestimmt hast, werden wir außerdem auch mit den von dir genannten Referenzen sprechen. All diese Faktoren und Perspektiven fließen in unsere Entscheidung ein. Wenn wir zu dem Schluss kommen, dass du der oder die beste Kandidat:in für die Stelle bist, werden wir dir unsere Entscheidung mitteilen und dir ein Angebot vorlegen. Natürlich hoffen wir auch, dass du dich für uns entscheidest. Schließlich sind wir zu 100% sicher, dass du die richtige Person für uns bist. 🙌

Once you've accepted the offer, we look forward to welcoming you to STABL Energy and guiding you through the onboarding process so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible. We're excited to have you on board with us!

The most important tips summarized once again

  • Think about your wishes and ideas
  • Find out about the potential employer on social media and the website
  • Adapt your application documents to the position
  • During the interviews, the aim is to get to know you both personally and professionally
  • At the Experience Day you will get to know the team and our offices. Here, you get an impression of us and our work

So, are you ready?

Do you want to help us pave the way for a net-zero energy system? Do you want to take battery storage to the next level and help us make energy available around the clock and around the world? Check out our open positions now and send us your application.

There aren't any suitable vacancies right now? No problem. If you think you can still help us, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application, regardless of any vacancies.

If a position appeals to you and you are not sure if you meet all the requirements: apply anyway! At STABL Energy, we believe in "hire for attitude, train for skills" and in lifelong learning. Join us in setting a new standard.

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