New standards in Energy Storage Technology: We are the Efficiency Champion!

Efficiency/ Effizienz: STABL 20 ft Warehouse
We have achieved a significant breakthrough in the world of energy storage: In the latest efficiency tests, conducted by TotalEnergies, impressive round-trip efficiencies (RTE) of 90.8% and 93.4% were measured. Our values are far above the industry standard of 75% to 85% and illustrate our potential to transform the energy storage industry in the long term.

High efficiency even under extreme conditions 

The aim of Total’s tests was to validate the exceptionally high efficiency of STABL’s energy storage technology. It is particularly remarkable that these values were achieved even when using heavily aged battery modules. The tests with modules that only have low and varying useful capacities after a few years of operation put our technology to the test – a challenge that we mastered with flying colours. 

What does Round Trip Efficiency mean? 

Round Trip Efficiency is a key indicator for evaluating energy storage systems. It indicates how efficiently a system can absorb, store and release energy from the power grid without suffering major losses. A high RTE is therefore extremely important in order to keep the costs of energy storage low and optimise the overall performance of the system. 

Innovation through a modular approach 

We take an innovative modular approach to building energy storage systems. Compared to conventional products in the market, this can reduce energy losses by up to 70 % and cut operating costs by up to 40%, while keeping investment costs low. The dynamic interconnection of the modules also ensures that the weakest battery does not affect the overall performance of the system. 

TotalEnergies supports innovative solutions 

TotalEnergies On, an accelerator programme, supports start-ups in the development of innovative solutions in the fields of electricity and renewable energies. TotalEnergies is pursuing the goal of achieving CO2 neutrality together with society by 2050. To achieve this, production and distribution are being fundamentally changed in order to meet the increasing energy needs of a growing population. The partnership with Total shows how innovative technology and strategic collaboration can achieve significant progress in energy storage – for the benefit of the environment and society. 

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