Reduce energy costs | Atypical grid utilisation with battery storage systems from STABL Energy

Atypische Netznutzung

Does your annual electricity consumption exceed 1 GWh or do you have more than 2,500 full usage hours or a power price of more than €150/kW? If so, we strongly recommend that you take a look at this article. There is the possibility of considerable savings for you. 

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the advantages of atypical grid usage, focusing in particular on the supporting role of our battery storage systems from STABL Energy. 

Recognise your savings potential

Atypical grid usage enables your company to significantly reduce your energy costs by drawing the main power outside the peak load window. The peak load time window is the period in which the grid experiences the highest load. By precisely analysing the load profile, it can be determined whether a company can be considered atypical by using an intelligent battery storage system. This is where the possibility of agreeing individual grid charges in accordance with Section 19 (2) of the Electricity Grid Charges Ordinance (StromNEV) comes into play.

Power prices have risen inflationarily in recent years, why is that?

The inflationary increase in power prices* for electricity in recent years is largely due to the increased integration of renewable energies and the associated need for expensive reserve capacity. The modernization and expansion of the electricity infrastructure as well as the regulation and taxation of the energy sector also contribute to the price increase. In addition, personnel and operating costs are rising. This development reflects the challenges that the energy sector must overcome in the transition to a more sustainable energy supply.

For comparison:

  • Power price 2022 125.31 €/kW 
  • Capacity price 2023 142.28 €/kW 
  • Capacity price 2024 190.80 €/kW

*Note: Extract from the price dynamics of the capacity price, calculated by Bayernwerke; the capacity price has risen by 52.26 % in the past three years.

Individual grid fees for customized savings

In accordance with Section 19 (2) of the Electricity Grid Charges Ordinance (StromNEV), end consumers for whom the annual peak load predictably occurs at off-peak times can agree individual grid charges. STABL Energy supports your company in facilitating and continuously optimizing individual grid charges in order to achieve tailored savings.

Atypical grid usage: the key role of battery storage systems

STABL offers intelligent control systems that enable your company to minimize draw from the grid during peak load periods. This leads to direct cost savings as peak loads are avoided. In addition, our battery storage systems open up a wide range of possible uses outside peak load times, including emergency power supply, self-consumption optimization and the contribution to grid stabilization through the provision of balancing power.

Conclusion: Sustainable cost reduction and environmental protection for your company

Shifting energy consumption outside the peak load window and providing balancing power improve grid stability and minimize the environmental footprint. At STABL Energy, we help to ensure a reliable energy infrastructure. Our sustainably produced battery storage systems are characterized by a 70% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional battery storage systems, as no new resource-intensive batteries need to be produced.

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