With the sustainable energy storage solution from STABL Energy, the International School Augsburg is setting new standards in sustainability

ISA Augsburg, Director Business & Finance Marcus Wagner | Way to a sustainable future Weg zu einer nachhaltigen Zukunft

Gersthofen, June, 13 2024 – STABL Energy, a leading provider of sustainable energy storage solutions from Munich, is setting new standards in education and sustainability together with the International School Augsburg (ISA). By installing a STABL energy storage system combined with a photovoltaic system at ISA, both institutions are demonstrating their commitment to the effective use of renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint.

The STABL energy storage system, with a capacity of 147 kWh and an output of 67.5 kW, was purchased as part of a subscription model. This investment enables the school to increase its self-consumption and reduce its dependence on conventional energy sources. 

Dr Nam Truong, CEO of STABL Energy, emphasises the benefits for commercial customers and explains: “Our solutions are a future-proof investment, as we can comprehensively monitor our energy storage systems down to cell level and identify necessary maintenance in advance.  Unlike conventional solutions on the market, individual battery modules of the storage system can be replaced individually even years later, which extends the service life of the entire system and enables flexible warranty conditions. As a result, we offer the only storage system in the world that is not a disposable product. At STABL Energy, environmental responsibility and customer service always take centre stage, and our subscription model is another way to help our customers realise sustainable energy systems without sacrificing financial flexibility.”

Focus on sustainability: ISA and STABL Energy go hand in hand

The International School Augsburg attaches great importance to sustainability, which is firmly anchored in the curriculum, and continuously implements measures to promote a sustainable lifestyle as part of its public good accounting. In the 2022/2023 school year, the school was once again recognized as an “Environmental School in Europe – International Sustainability School” – this time with three out of three possible stars – and is one of very few schools in Germany to have been certified as CO2-neutral since 2022. 

Marcus Wagner, Director Business & Finance at International School Augsburg, emphasizes the importance of this investment: “With the help of STABL Energy’s innovative technology, we are working specifically on reducing our CO2 emissions. STABL’s sustainable energy solutions fit perfectly with our commitment to environmental protection and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. The integration of the battery storage system has enabled us to use our solar energy much more effectively. We are particularly impressed with the modular inverter technology, which ensures both system reliability and longevity, and is proving to be truly unique in the industry. As well as reducing our impact on the environment, we are also committed to the principles of a circular economy. Our partnership with STABL underlines our shared commitment to environmentally conscious initiatives and sustainable practices.” 

ISA’s energy storage subscription not only underlines its ongoing commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development, but also serves as an inspiration for educational institutions to take similar initiatives and make a positive impact on the environment and climate.

About International School Augsburg (ISA):

The International School Augsburg is in Gersthofen, founded in 2005 offers a school for internationally mobile families according to international educational standards in the A³ / Augsburg / Munich economic area. Students aged 3 to 18 years benefits from the extensive and balanced learning education program of the ISA as a comprehensive school in English, which ensures the academic education of these children and leads to the internationally recognized school qualifications of the IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate = recognized, general university entrance qualification) and the IGCSE (International Certificate of Secondary Education = recognized secondary school leaving certificate). In addition, the school ensures the local integration of the children through intensive teaching in the national language (=German) and the preservation of the native language through a variety of native language teaching options. The quality of ISA’s teaching, pedagogical concept and internal school processes is certified by the following internationally renowned institutions: CIS (Council of International Schools), International Baccalaureate Organization (IB Diploma Program, IB Primary Years Program), CIE (Cambridge International Examinations Center). for the IGCSE) is run in Bavaria as a recognized alternative school in grades 1-9 and as a recognized supplementary school in grades 10-12. 

Over 360 students currently attend the school and are looked after by around 60 teachers. 

The ISA is a member of the Bavarian Community Welfare Initiative, the Forum for Sustainable Investments, and, as a member of the Diversity Charter, stands for the diversity of cultures and is committed to intercultural understanding.

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With the sustainable energy storage solution from STABL Energy, the International School Augsburg is setting new standards in sustainability
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