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STABL Modul Erprobung 2

We are making great strides towards certification

A lot has happened at STABL Energy in the past few weeks! We not only received the latest version of our STABL modules, but also our own container and Second Life batteries with which we can test and further develop our technology on site.

Our newest version modules take us an important step closer to successful certification. Many improvements were implemented and suppliers tested. In addition to the functionality of our modules, another important aspect is the handling and ease of installation, which we can now test extensively and right on site.

STABL Modul Erprobung 2

Testing close to development

STABL Container

In addition, our container was delivered to us, in which we set up a battery storage system in the immediate vicinity of our office in order to test and further develop our inverters under real conditions. In a joint effort, we set up three racks with a total of 135 kWh in the container, which have been in continuous operation since then and which simulate actual use of the battery storage system. This enables us to gather important information about working with our modules, to check functionality and to add updates quickly and in a targeted manner.


Success with "old" batteries

However, we did not install any new batteries in our container, but equipped our racks with second-life modules from the automotive sector. In addition to the basic functionality, this should also illustrate the unique ability of our inverter to install used battery modules without having to compromise on effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

STABL Modul Erprobung

Quick and easy commissioning

Testing close to development

The installation of the storage system was quick. This is further proof of the extraordinary user-friendliness when setting up a STABL system. The very simple and intuitive handling of our modules and the fact that, as long as the storage is not active, only low voltage is applied, enables a quick and safe installation. This means that no specialized personnel with special high-voltage training are required and safety precautions can be reduced to a minimum. We were therefore able to start operating the storage system and testing our inverters very quickly.

Excited to see whats is next

We are excited to see what new findings this practical test will bring and look forward to sharing it! The certification should soon be achieved and STABL Energy can continue contributing to a safe and sustainable future.

Are you interested in a STABL storage system?

Feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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