Market analysis: The battery storage market is growing

For an electricity system that increasingly consists of renewable energies, storage systems offer enormously important flexibility. In its latest publication on the storage market, pv magazine describes battery storage systems as a “hidden champion”.

Decarbonization of electricity generation

Many countries have already formulated ambitious targets for the decarbonization of electricity generation in order to achieve a largely carbon-free electricity supply by 2050 or earlier. Storage technologies make it possible to store surplus electricity from renewable sources and feed it into the grid when needed. In addition, more and more industries are being electrified and higher energy demand peaks need to be covered.

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Germany and the UK take first place

Market observation now shows that Germany and the UK lead the rankings in the storage sector. The coal and nuclear phase-out and the German government’s plans to increase the proportion of green electricity generation from wind and solar energy by 40 percentage points also make it necessary to expand storage technologies. The UK also has ambitious plans: in addition to the expansion of large offshore wind projects, the government is also planning to add photovoltaic systems in the gigawatt range. 
Other European countries such as the Netherlands, but also Spain and Italy, will significantly increase the proportion of renewable energies in their electricity mix. The nuclear nation of France is less attractive due to its focus on nuclear energy. The authors of the market analysis attribute limited potential to the Nordic countries and Poland. In Sweden, Finland and Norway, the late phase-out of coal, the limited expansion options for renewable generation plants and the heavy use of hydropower are factors that are slowing down growth.

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STABL offers commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses the opportunity to store their renewable photovoltaic electricity. For battery storage, STABL uses batteries that can no longer be used in electric vehicles because they have reached their capacity limit.

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