Why is battery storage valuable for industry and commerce?

Battery storage plays a crucial role for industry and commerce in moving towards a more sustainable and greener energy future.

We have listed some reasons why the use of battery storage is worthwhile for these sectors:

  • Storage of sustainably generated electricity: Companies can benefit from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. However, these energy sources are variable and weather-dependent. Battery storage makes it possible to store surplus energy during sunny or windy periods and then use it when needed. This reduces the need for fossil fuels and lowers energy costs.
  • Energy security: Battery storage provides an additional layer of security for the energy supply of industry and commerce. In the event of grid failures or unforeseen interruptions, these companies can fall back on their stored electricity to keep operations going.
  • Grid stabilisation: The transition to renewable energies requires intelligent grid stabilisation, which in the past was provided by conventional power plants. Battery storage systems can take on this task by absorbing surplus energy when it is available and releasing it when demand is high. In this way, they help to balance out fluctuations in the grid and make the power supply more reliable.
  • Energy cost reduction: Industry and commerce are struggling with high energy costs. Battery storage can help reduce these costs by avoiding expensive peak electricity from the grid. Businesses can store energy during periods of low demand and use it when electricity prices are cheaper. This is especially worthwhile if businesses generate their own renewable electricity.
  • Climate friendliness: Switching to renewable energy and using battery storage helps reduce CO2 emissions. This is not only good for the climate and the environment, but can also improve a company's image and support compliance with environmental and ESG requirements.


Sustainable battery storage for industry and commerce: reduce costs, protect the environment, shape the future

In summary, battery storage is a valuable investment for industrial and commercial businesses. Not only do they support the transition to renewable energy, but they also offer opportunities to reduce energy costs, stabilise the grid and reduce environmental impact. At a time when sustainability and environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly important, battery storage is a key element in the move towards a greener energy world.

Battery storage systems made from used electric car batteries are particularly sustainable. our Second Life storage systems help to reduce our customers' ecological footprint and conserve valuable resources. By the way, automotive batteries undergo strict quality tests and are therefore a particularly safe and reliable product.

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