Second Life Storage with STABL Energy?

The key to efficient recycling
of vehicle batteries

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of the lithium-ion batteries
are recycled.
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Residual capacity is what discarded batteries have at the end of their vehicle life.
tonnes of discarded
vehicle batteries will flood
the market by 2030

The challenges of Second Life storage

By 2030, 10 million electric vehicles are expected to be on the roads in Germany alone. But vehicle batteries will not remain up to the high performance demands of passenger cars forever. At the end of their first life, the batteries will therefore be removed from the vehicles and, in the best case, recycled or else disposed of (as is currently the case with 95% of batteries). So society and industry are faced with the question of what to do with all these vehicle batteries. Theoretically, these batteries could be given a second life. For stationary use, e.g. as commercial storage, these batteries could theoretically be used. But the process of recycling is complicated.

Batteries are subjected to varying degrees of stress during their life in the vehicle. Because conventional battery storage systems have to be constructed from modules of the same type, they cannot simply be transferred from the car to stationary use.

That is why the battery packs have to be disassembled, measured, aligned and reassembled by hand down to the cell level.

This reprocessing costs time, manpower and money. Therefore, Second Life storage is not profitable and remains only lighthouse projects.

We make Second Life storage possible - cheaply and efficiently

STABL Energy's modular approach is the key to low-cost and efficient reuse of discarded vehicle batteries. While conventional inverters rely on the batteries all having the same states, STABL technology allows modules of different states to be integrated into one storage system. This clears the way for reliable and sustainable battery storage.

STABL Energy enables a modular design of battery storage systems and thus paves the way for second life storage. With STABL Energy, battery modules of different states can be interconnected - no matter how heavily the batteries in the vehicle were stressed.

There is no need for time-consuming reprocessing. The batteries from the electric car only have to be dismantled at module level.

The easier reprocessing process makes Second Life storage affordable. End customers can thus save up to 40 % of the investment costs.

STABL Whitepaper Modular inverters for commercial storage systems

A new architecture for stationary commercial and industrial storage. That's what's behind STABL Energy.