Benefits of STABL®

Use our STABL® Battery Inverters to offer the most efficient and future proof battery systems

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Improve Your System with STABL®

Significantly improve your battery storage system by using our STABL® Battery Inverter Technology. It allows a simpler design that avoids numerous issues and the complex ensemble of various components.

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Challenges Today

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non-optimal system design

Storage Manufacturer

complex handling of high-voltage batteries

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individual means for each problem

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heavy and bulky components

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  • The system design is a complex compromise between better performance and costs.
  • Each technical issue has its own workaround and compartmentalized solution, leading to a complex system.
  • Dangerous battery voltage requires proper and elaborate handling, driving labor costs.
  • Large components pose challenges for the logistics for the installation of each system.

Benefits of STABL® Battery Inverters

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offer the best battery system

Storage Manufacturer

avoid handling high voltage

Storage Manufacturer

simplify your system

Storage Manufacturer

handle a lightweight system

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  • Offer an outstanding product to your customers without compromises.
  • Solve a number of issues with one simple solution, omitting numerous components.
  • Low-voltage design allows further optimization of the production.
  • Handy weight and size ease the installation, regardless of the site’s accessibility.

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