Find out more about the various applications of commercial storage systems and find out why storage systems with STABL inverters are the best choice.

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Battery storage systems are versatile, create new possibilities and can minimize your costs. Increase the self-consumption of self-produced solar electricity and save costs by drawing less electricity from the grid. Avoid peak loads, which are largely responsible for your electricity price. Create the possibility to operate charging stations even though the grid connection power at your location is not actually designed for this. Prevent your company from coming to a standstill in the event of a power failure and protect sensitive equipment with an uninterruptible emergency power supply. This is only an excerpt from the many areas of application for battery storage that can be useful in commercial and industrial companies.

Thanks to the unique efficiency and user-friendliness of a STABL system, the already existing advantages of a battery storage system are drastically increased. Save acquisition and operating costs and make your business future-proof, sustainable and efficient.

Advantages of a battery storage with STABL technology


Scientific work at the Technical University of Munich showed the high efficiency of the STABL inverter. Values of up to 99.4 % have been determined. Compared to conventional inverters, losses are reduced by up to 70 %.


STABL inverters make your battery storage incomparably safe in handling and availability. The modular design not only makes installation and maintenance child's play, but also guarantees 99.9 % availability.


Less energy loss also means that the available energy is used better. Because losses are reduced by up to 70 %, CO2 is saved with every storage process and you and your company take an active part in the energy transition.


The high efficiency saves you money. Depending on the application, you can reduce your operating costs by up to 40 % by using power storage systems with STABL inverters and reach break-even earlier than with other systems.

One solution for countless applications

Increase in self-consumption

Get more money out of your solar system by using an electricity storage system


Probably the most economical application for trade and industry

Charging stations and power supply

You want to install charging stations, for example, but do not have enough power from the grid? Save expensive connection costs with an electricity storage system

Emergency power supply

Power outages can be devastating for manufacturing industries, leading to defects or long production downtimes. Emergency power storage can protect

Community electricity storage

If several consumers are supplied via a common grid connection, a community battery storage can lead to considerable savings

Island networks

coming soon

Power grid services

coming soon

Advantages of working with STABL

Always there for you

Our customers and users are very important to us. We are always available for your questions, concerns and suggestions and are always at your side.

Constant updates

Our inverters are constantly evolving, even if they are already installed. With constant updates we can improve and adapt the functionality, import additional functions and much more.


We are always mindful of the responsibility that our work entails. We never lose focus on the highest quality, the safety of those who use and install our product, but also sustainability and environmental compatibility.

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