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Battery storage deserves something better than inverters.

Battery storage systems are the backbone of the energy transition. Yet the power storage inverters that connect them to the grid dictate the design. Find out why this is a problem and find out how STABL Energy is making the classic battery inverter obsolete and thus enabling the energy transition in a sustainable way.

Problems of conventional battery inverters

They cause losses

Up to 60 % of the losses of electricity storage are caused by the inefficiency of the inverters. For the end customers, this means wasted electricity and avoidable costs. And as long as the battery storage is not charged from 100 % renewable energies, this causes unnecessary CO2 emissions.

They make battery storage vulnerable

The central inverters of a power storage system work with battery storage units, which are a permanently interconnected chain of battery cells. The weakest cell determines the performance of the storage. If even a single cell fails, the entire storage must be shut down and replaced. Because batteries age and lose power and capacity with each passing day, they become more prone to failure year after year. Inverters therefore make the storage units vulnerable.

This is how STABL Energy solves these problems

More efficiency is not possible

STABL Energy makes the central inverter of a power storage system obsolete. The modular STABL technology has a peak efficiency of over 99 % and is also convincing in the otherwise lossy partial load operation. This has been confirmed by scientific work carried out by the Technical University of Munich. This results in cost savings of up to 50 % during operation.

Efficiency characteristic for modular inverters
STABL inverter for electricity storage

Reliability instead of vulnerability

STABL technology makes battery storage fail-safe. If a cell is defective, the STABL modules automatically detect the fault and can bypass the defective module. The storage system can continue to operate with lower power. In this way, battery storage systems remain reliable even though the batteries age at different rates.

Modular inverters from STABL Energy open up new business opportunities


With the novel design of storage systems, second-life storage from old vehicle batteries can be realised in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Charging stations

AC and DC charging with only one inverter. Battery-buffered charging stations become more affordable with STABL Energy.

Battery analytics

In order to make statements about the condition of the battery, analysis companies rely on deficient data from the BMS. With STABL Energy, you have valuable insights into the inner workings of each battery module.

A new standard for battery storage

STABL technology is fundamentally different from conventional central inverters for electricity storage, making battery storage systems more efficient and reliable. The graphic below contrasts STABL's operating principle (right) with the status quo in the industry. Hover over the circles to learn more.

Architecture of a high-voltage storage system with central inverter
High-voltage storage

Conventional storage consists of hard-wired battery modules.

All battery modules must be of the same series and have the same states, internal resistances and State of Health.

If a battery module fails, the entire storage system fails.

Central inverter

The central inverter requires high input voltages. This is the only reason why battery storage systems are built the way they are.

Conventional inverters are too inefficient and require too much space.

Architecture of a battery storage system with STABL inverter
The STABL module

We decouple the battery modules from each other and each battery module is connected to a STABL module.

The STABL Master

The STABL modules are dynamically interconnected. The STABL master receives the commands from the energy management system and orchestrates the interconnection.

Independent battery modules

The battery modules are independent of each other due to the new design. This means that modules of different states can also be installed in one storage unit.

Less space required

The STABL modules can be easily integrated into your existing rack concept. No additional space is required due to an inverter the size of a refrigerator.

Want to take your battery storage to the next level? Here's how:


Free consultation


Pilot project


Series product

Write or call us and we will get to know each other. In the discussions, we identify your wishes and problems and gradually develop an offer that is perfectly tailored to you.

Together we develop a storage system as a pilot project and define work packages and success criteria. We support you with the integration of our hardware and you will always have the same contact person.

After a successful pilot project, we jointly develop and market the storage system as a series product.


Das STABL Gründerteam präsentiert modulare Wechselrichter für Stromspeicher
The founding team: Dr Arthur Singer, Christoph Dietrich,
Dr Nam Truong and Martin Sprehe

STABL Energy emerged from research projects at the Technical University of Munich, the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich and the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. We are a team of experts in battery technology and power electronics.

Since our founding in 2019, our goal has been to increase the use of renewable energy with the help of energy storage. We do this by helping storage manufacturers, system integrators and EPCs move away from the central inverter and make electricity storage safer, more reliable and more efficient with our technology.

STABL Energy is based in Munich and today employs more than 20 people from 8 nations who have worked for top-class companies such as Tesla, BMW or Siemens.