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STABL Energy is developing a technology that fundamentally improves battery storage systems. The basic principle here is to replace the central inverter with the STABL power electronics, which are attached directly to the battery modules. This not only increases safety during installation and maintenance and simplifies handling, but also creates increased reliability, achieves higher energy efficiency, fully utilizes the battery capacity and creates the possibility of installing batteries of different states.

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The modular power electronics developed by STABL Energy enable a possible next generation of battery storage systems, which solve many problems that storage systems with conventional inverters entail. Therefore high environmental losses, especially under low workloads, exposure of employees to dangerous high-voltage packs, complex & lossy balancing and expensive oversizing are outdated in systems with STABL Technology.

In addition, the total costs of installation and maintenance are drastically reduced, the risk of failure is significantly reduced and the battery capacity is fully utilized. Conversion losses are reduced by up to 70 %, which saves additional costs and minimizes CO2 emissions.

Another special feature is the possibility of building economically viable battery storage systems for the first time using recycled second-life batteries from electric cars. These are often disposed of at the end of their service life or recycled at great expense, although they still have up to 80 % of their original capacity and great potential. Since we can build sustainable power storage with batteries of different states and series without compromising the functionality or efficiency of the storage, STABL Energy can give these batteries a second life.

Would you like to find out more about how we can convert your company to a long-term, environmentally friendly and cost-reduced energy supply? Contact us now, or learn more about our technology! It is up to you whether you choose a storage system with new or used modules.

The advantages of battery storage systems with STABL technology

Secure energy storage

We build the battery storage from low-voltage modules. This means that the system can be easily installed without special knowledge and it can be maintained without risk.

Highest efficiency

Scientific work by the Technical University of Munich shows that the inverter technology from STABL Energy is far more efficient than conventional inverters. Losses are reduced by up to 70 %.

Constant updates

Our inverters are constantly evolving, even if they are already installed. With constant updates we can improve and adapt the functionality, import additional functions and much more.

Sustainable electricity storage with Second-Life technology by STABL Energy has several advantages

Environmentally friendly operation

With STABL second-life storage systems, you can reduce CO2 emissions – not only locally, but also on a global scale.

Best possible performance

The requirements placed on stationary systems can be met by used batteries in the same way as new cells.

Second-Life is worth it

Sustainable electricity storage systems with STABL Second-Life technology are up to 40 % cheaper than new storage systems.


Battery storage

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STABL Energy emerged from research projects at the Technical University of Munich, the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich and the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Since the foundation in January 2019 (at that time still as m-Bee GmbH), we have made it our mission to help future-oriented companies and businesses to focus on environmentally conscious sustainability by making safe and sustainable electricity storage viable.

STABL Dr Arthur Singer CEO

Arthur Singer

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

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Christoph Dietrich

Chief Financial Officer



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